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The first "Desi Khana" designer creating South Asian food & culture inspired jewelry✨

About us

Snows Design is now offering Hamesha Permanent Jewelry!

What is Hamesha Permanent Jewelry? This is a type of jewelry that you cannot take on or off because it does not have a clasp. Where there would otherwise be a manual closure, the piece is welded together to make it a 'permanent' jewelry.

The intention of permanent jewelry is to be worn as an everyday (Hamesha!) piece of jewelry that lives on you as long as you’d like!

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Where can you find Snows Design in person?

Snows Design occasionally participates in pop-ups in the Tri-State area! Follow us on instagram to see where we will be next!

If you would like us at your event, please send us a DM or email!

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