Q: What is Hamesha Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a custom bracelet, anklet, or necklace sized just for you and welded together. Because the jewelry has no clasp, it is permanent! It’s not something you take on and off when you go to bed or shower, but it can be removed with scissors if need be.


Q: What bracelet options do you have?

At the moment we have a variety of sterling silver and 14k gold filled chains.  See the images on the product listing or contact us for details!


Q: What if I want it removed?

Scissors, wire cutters, or pliers are all capable of cutting your jewelry. For necklaces, in case of emergency and for added safety, we leave one link un-welded so that it is easier to pull off.


Q: Does the welding process hurt?

No! It is completely painless! We will give you a leather protector to put in-between the welder and your skin.


Q: Are there any risks during the welding process?

We will inform you not to look directly at the "spark" during the welding process. Doing so could severely affect your eyesight. Any sudden movement could cause scratching or burning of skin. The best way to avoid harm is to sit still and not look directly at the permanent jewelry as it is being welded.


Q: What if something happens?

We ask that you notify us and reach out with any concerns or questions you may have. We’re a friendly bunch and want you to feel happy with the jewelry you chose!


Q: What if it breaks?

Notify us as soon as the breakage happens and how it happened. We cover repairs that are needed by the closure that we added and because of a welder issue, the repair is free for the first repair.

A small fee of $15 is required for all other repairs or misuse. If the bracelet has broken in too many places or has become stretched because of improper use, a larger fee will be owed. Bracelets put on by other establishments require a $30 fee for repair. For solid gold bracelets, a fee will need to be estimated.

Q: Can I put my bracelet in water (showers, pools, ocean)?

Yes, our handmade gold filled chain is ok to be submerged in water or come in contact with lotions, sunscreens, etc. They will not tarnish.

Q: How old do you have to be to get one?

Right now, we do not put permanent bracelets on any person under the age of 14. We ask that people aged 14-18 come with a legal guardian.


Q: What if a group of my friends all wants one at once?

We will happily accommodate a group! Please select how many people are receiving bracelets from the dropdown menu on the product listing. We ask that for groups of over 5 people, you contact us first to confirm availability.


Q: Will this affect me going through airport security?

Fine jewelry such as the chains we use in the jewelry will not need to be taken off when going through TSA


Q: I got a piece from another place and it broke, will you fix it?

Definitely! Just contact us and include photos and the original material price and we’ll see what we can do. Depending on the chain, we may or may not have the material capability to repair other shops’ jewelry but we’ll try our best! A small fee will be owed of $30.


Q: Will you add charms to a bracelet I got at another place?

Of course! We ask that you contact us and send photos and materials of the jewelry you currently have so we can make sure that the pieces will be cohesive.

Q: How can I book you for my next event?

Please go to our event booking page and choose a date and time you would like to book Hamesha Permanent Jewelry for! We will reach out to you to discuss next steps once we receive the appointment.

Q: Do you travel out of state to offer Hamesha Permanent Jewelry?

YES!!! Please book an appointment to discuss next steps and rates.

*Please reach out if you have any further questions!