What is your shipping/ processing time?

At Snows Design, the artist is a one woman show! Each of our products are ensured to to be high quality priority before they are shipped and have a processing time of 5-7 business days.* Please note, this processing time does not start on the date of order received, but the date in which the sequence of orders were received (IE the orders received prior to yours will be sent out first and then your order will be processed.) If you need it by a particular time, please note you will have to pay extra for expedited services.

For “Made to Order” items processing is 14-20 business days.

Please be patient with us as we are only a one woman team. We will get to your order as soon as we can but with our frequent viral products, our processing time may be extended.

Tracking and Shipping

All orders are shipped via USPS first class and will have shipping details. But unfortunately, once the order has been dropped off at the post office we no longer have control on how long it will take for the order to get to you. If the package is lost/delayed/missing we are unable to issue refunds for this as it is not in our control and we will be unable to issue a refund. For additional information, you can reach out to USPS and create a claim.

For returned items to sender: 

It is your responsibility to make sure you have input the correct address. If an item is returned by post to Snows Design, we will reach out to you to arrange next steps. Snows Design is NOT responsible for covering extra shipping charges, the buyer will have to pay additional for the package to reship.

If buyer doesn't not respond within 10 business days, or does not accept extra shipping charges, Snows Design will refund the amount of the items. Shipping will not be refunded.

Are your accessories safe for sensitive skin?

We use titanium or gold posts which are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive ears, so they are completely safe! Our jump rings and metal components are either brass or gold coated.

How do I care for my jewelry?

The Earrings made from acrylic or polymer clay are durae but should still be treated with care. Make sure you set them down gently, lay flat or hang.

  • Keep them away from solubles

  • If they get dirty, gently wipe them down with a polishing wipe

  • When removing earrings avoid pulling the material, instead hold from the post

  • Be gentle, do not drop the earrings as it can get scratched